Live each day with courage!

My Uncle Robert told me those words when he had taken me out to ride my dirt bike on the dunes. At the time, ten-year-old me had no idea what it meant. A few years later, it became all too clear.

Life ain’t easy. None of us was promised an easy ride. Hell, I grew up with a father that used my mom and me for punching bags. Then, as I became a man, I began to collect a closet full of skeletons, ghosts, and bad decisions that would haunt me if I let them.

When I look at what I’ve done and what I’ve survived, I know my fifty years of life aren’t as bad as what other people have gone through sexual assault, living in war zones, never knowing just how they were going to feed their kids. Others have it worse than we ever will.

When life starts wanting to beat us down, we have two choices. Our first choice is to take it and die.

When I was lost in depression, a bottle and reoccurring bouts of PTSD, I wanted to end it all and see what lay on the other side. For some, that seems to be the only answer.

Others hide away from the world. They stop going to work, shopping, living life. They retreat to their inner thoughts. Again, ain’t the answer.

The other choice we have, which matters, is what my uncle said, live each day with courage.

We all can screw up enough courage to face our demons, our abusers, or what scares the living hell out of us. All we need to do is search for that courage and a tiny bit of faith in ourselves. Once we do, ain’t no man or beast alive that can stop us.

After we take that first step, it becomes easier for us once we find that faith and courage. We become stronger. We begin to know that we are bigger than anything the world or other people can throw at us.

Trust me; you got this!

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