Always finish what you start.

I should say, don’t bite off more than you can chew and always finish what you start.

Today, this seems to be a hard one for more than a few people. Lots of projects and jobs started there; very few of them seem ever to get done. I’ll give you a few examples.

I have a friend who, at the age of 35, still can’t seem to settle on what he wants out of life. He’s spent thousands of dollars on things and never completed anything. Whatever the current craze is, he’ll jump on that bandwagon, until the next fad comes along.

About a year ago, he got into monster trucks. He went out and bought a truck and began pouring money into it. Today, that truck sits half done at the back of his property. He moved on to wanting to become TikTok famous now.

All that wasted money.

Another example would be this religious group I’ve done work for in the past. Two months ago, their communications director asked me if I would take staff photos using my drone. No problem on my end. More than a few problems on her end.

This woman keeps taking on job roles that were never assigned to her. She complains about all the work she does but keeps adding more and more to her plate. She’s the kind of woman who thinks she runs the place.

For me, she kept moving the date of the photoshoot. The last straw was the other day when she wanted to move it once again.

Her excuse was that she had so much work to do that she couldn’t coordinate with a handful of people to hammer down the date and time of the photoshoot.

For this woman and that Church, this is sadly another thing she will never get done. So much goes undone there.

One last example is another friend of mine. He had a great job. But, like the lady at the Church, he kept taking on more and more projects in hopes of becoming invaluable to the company.

The downfall for my friend was that he took on three major projects. These projects were poles apart, and each was equally important for the clients they served.

Tom became distracted by wanting to buy a new hunting bow. Then he needed to get new fishing gear. Then it was rebuilding the engine to his car – none of these, much less the work projects, were ever finished.

Because Tom couldn’t finish what he started, he was fired.

We must know our limitations and finish what we have begun. Can you imagine if I didn’t finish getting hay out to the cows or decided to only partway work on the fences on the property? It would be a mess.

No matter what you do, don’t bite off more than you can chew, and finish what you have started before moving on to the next project.