When I’m out, selling honey in local Farmer’s Markets, I tend to hear that the honey from local beekeepers cost too much and is no better than the honey you can buy at Walmart.

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Most people are shocked to discover that the honey in local grocery stores is not so local!

The photos above are from bottles of honey I purchased at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

So, why is local honey better?

  1. Local, raw honey has amazing healing properties:
    • Help to reduce the side effects of radiation therapy for patients enduring head and neck cancer – I know about this one personally as I used a lot of honey when undergoing radiation therapy;
      Increased antioxidants;
    • Increased endurance and energy;
    • Improved oral health;
    • Reduction of muscle fatigue
    • Relief from morning sickness – I’ve also used it for an upset stomach with great success;
    • Soothes sore throats;
  2. Local, raw honey helps with seasonal allergies – honey helps because the exact same allergens that cause you to have seasonal allergies are also found in honey!
  3. Raw, local honey can help reduce the lifespan of a common cold;
  4. Raw honey has been used as a natural antiseptic!
  5. Another use of raw, local honey is to help lower the inflammation of the stomach when you have the flu or an upset stomach.

When you buy your honey at the local grocery store, many of the health benefits are removed by the filtering and heating process it undergoes when being bottled.

There are also unique tastes to local honey that you lose when you are buying blended honey, like the photos above. You have honey of different sources all mixed, and you lose the flavor of the single source honey.

Another issue, when buying honey at the grocery store, a lot of what is on offer does not say 100% pure honey. There are too many large scale venders of honey that mix in corn syrup, or other viscus sweeteners that are inexpensive and pad their profit margins.

Local honey is better honey!

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